beauty hunter / Claudia

Beauty Hunter project description (1995)

Fashion: How to Use It?
Trophey Collection 1995-1996.
Hunting, Love &  Sports Tropheys.  (Beauty is not Free).

Fashion: How to Use It?

– as a way of making your presence be felt around;

– as a way of moving ahead;

– as a way of teasing;

– as a way of dressing;

– as a way of loving.


(Beauty is not free)

– photobeauty

– caught beauty

– payed beauty

– dead beauty

– collected beauty

– made up beauty

– fixed beauty

These supple, 



                                                well staging, 

                                                                        made up, 




and polished girls – I like them!

Hunt for Beauty!

Hunt for Desires!

Hunt for Love!

Beauty Hunter

Trophey Collection 1995-1996

Hunting, Love & Sports Tropheys



Description: Idealized coloured sculpture heads of stucco, porcelain,  bronze and wood of the most famous, the most expensive, the wothiest and the most praised top-models are hanging on the wall as love tropheys. Their glass eyes have empty looks. The name of the respective top model is marked under each head.

Picturesque  canvasses decorate the opposite wall and present pictures of their every day life with photorealistic vivacity: features of their faces, parts of their bodies.

The hall is silent: there is a soft carpet and the visitors’ steps sink into it as if in a blotting paper. Visitors can only hear what is on the earphones, handed to them at the entrance: a calm male voice provides information about their date/place of birth. Their hobbies and interests, their weight, height, breast, thigh and waist size. Qualifications: the pay they get per hour.

Dusk. The discreet light is falling over their heads, hanging on the wall, over the pictures against them and onto the empty, white, front wall: one can read the bold letters in red “Trophey Collection 1995-1996”

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