burning tree 2020

Венцислав Занков: “Горящо” дърво, неон 300х180х10см, 2020, част от самостоятелната изложба “ПРЕД МЕН” 02.06-30.06.2020, галерия “Райко Алексиев” СБХ

Untitled, 2020 (detail) from Sariev Gallery on Vimeo.

I had mentioned that the work is most likely a modern reference to Moses and the Burning Bush, yet in this case there is no one to speak or answer – there is only the buzzing of the transformers. The artwork is untitled and was part of my solo exhibition Before me (2020) in Raiko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia.

The exhibition presented some of my large-format paintings and sculptures made of cast iron. They constitute a visual symbiosis of two themes, two crises intertwined in human behavior – ecological and social, the latter of which was brought about by the coronavirus pandemic – that evolved into an existential crisis and a question about the human.

The tree as a central motif can be understood as a metaphor of psychic domains and visions of loneliness and isolation in a certain natural context. 

For example, the trees represented in large-format paintings are not part of a forest, but rather single entities, barren crowns, strenuously plunged into a gloomy sky. Nature morte / Still life. Next to them, placed outside the context and the framework, stands a technological neon tree that glows in blood red and resembles a system of blood vessels. The micro becomes macro and deepens the anxiety.

Ventsislav Zankov



“ПРЕД МЕН” чугунени дървета TREES /CAST IRON, 2020/

“ПРЕД МЕН” “човекът все още стои, загледан нагоре” 44x25x179cm, чугун, 2019

“ПРЕД МЕН” BURNING TREE _/neon/ 2020

“ПРЕД МЕН” 2020 TREE PROJECT PAINTING дървета картини

2020 “ПРЕД МЕН” VISIBILITY присъствие на изложбата в медиите [tv, radio, screenshots & pdfs]

2020 “ПРЕД МЕН” ПРЕЗ ОЧИТЕ НА ДРУГИТЕ реакции и снимки от социалните мрежи

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